Clara Olivia Intimates

There’s something about lovely, delicate and beautiful underwear that makes the wearer feel beautiful too. Over the years I’ve bought underwear that has become just as practical as what I used to have when I was an early teen but a hundred times more beautiful and occasionally sexy. If we wear uncomfortable underwear then Lord knows we are aware of it for the whole day until we can finally rip it off and never wear it again. My Clara Olivia set is not only beautiful but a set that I can wear and feel comfortable in all day no matter what I’m doing.

I have a range of different colours and styles of sets in my underwear drawer but I always come back to really wearable shades like creams, whites and blacks. I’ve seen a fair few people with brightly coloured or even just noticeable underwear through things like white tops or a pink strap showing with a black dress and I think it can instantly cheapen an outfit. The correct underwear is key.

I chose the Fantasie Vivienne set because it instantly stood out to me as a set that was beautiful and wearable with a variety of different outfits. I also really love lace on underwear and the combination of lace on mesh was the perfect amount of detailing for me. The straps on the set are really study which means that they don’t slip off my arms easy (most annoying thing ever!)

You can shop the Clara Olivia store and use my 20% off discount code AA20 on any purchases before Oct 31st!

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