Dolce and Gabbana Cheetah Print Sunglasses

Hey guys! So last week I made a post about the Prada sunglasses I purchased whilst in Mexico. I also mentioned I got a second pair (it was 25% off your 2nd pair don’t judge) so I opted for these lovely D&G sunglasses. I actually picked these ones up first because they were more of a classic pair the red on the Prada ones scared me a little as I usually don’t go for colour on sunglasses. I think these are a lovely animal print alternative to a classic black cat eye sunglass.

These sunglasses sit so lightly on the face that I barely notice they’re there until I try to scratch my eyeball or something and end up whacking my sunnies. The fact that they are lightweight can also be dangerous as you may not feel them slipping off your face if you’re doing something. I asked the cashier at the store to tighten up the arms of the sunglasses so they can sit tight on my head that way I know they won’t slide off easily. Unless I’m surfing or something… that’s another story.
I love how the cheetah print on these glasses doesn’t go all the way around the frame. I’m very cautious of animal print as I feel it can very easily turn tacky and cheap looking. But this is just the right amount and the colour of the print is so dark on these glasses that the effect really is quite subtle. The hard cheetah half black adds a little quirky detail which I really love about these.
On the arms the “Dolce & Gabbana” logo is printed in full which I much preferred to the other sunglasses which just said DG in bigger typography. I feel the petite logo works really well and looks a lot more feminine on the glasses.
The dark lenses work fabulously in the sun and do really well to protect my eyes against the sun. I like how simple the lenses are and feel that this really compliments the cheetah print. A colourful lens would have drawn attention away from the animal print frame which wouldn’t be as nice.
I love these just as much as my Prada ones! I’ll also be taking these to L.A for the more sunnier times. What do you think about the D&G glasses? Are they something you’d buy? Do you prefer them to the Prada ones or do the Prada sunglasses hold a special place in your heart?

Also the reason I’m pale as fuck in these photos is I used a powder with Silica which makes you look super pasty on photos. Oops.

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