Gothic Barbie Vibes

Not that I’m as cute as Barbie or anything. But it’s the way I’m standing that makes me look like a figurine haha. Never satisfied! I love this dress Nasty Gal describes it as a ‘Cape’ but it’s more of a ‘Bat’ kind of vibe rather than a superhero look. Hence the title Gothic Barbie Vibes. I hope you guys like the outfit.

So it’s no secret now that I took a lot of outfit photos whilst home because I wasn’t too sure if I’d have the space in L.A. Nevertheless, these are all classic outfits that I love and wear all the time. Just maybe without the faux fur in Cali. The dress is a really cool edgy take on a LBD. The size and cut of it fits really well and it doesn’t cling to the body giving you a lot of space to breathe and air out so it really is lovely for those of you who live in a hotter climate. The collar extends round the back and goes down low into a kind of bat wing cape thingy. It’s a little odd and I’ve certainly never seen anyone wear the same or even a similar dress but I feel it works really well. Since I’m not a massive jewellery wearer having some detail attached to an LBD is perfect as LBDs always run the risk of being too plain.

The long jacket/coat is from Topshop and is one of my favourite closet items. The fur is detachable so it can also work well in summer. The material it is made from is super lightweight so I definitely would not wear this in the middle of summer but it’s perfect for the weather in August as it transitions into freezing. The fur is a black/green colour that you can notice up close. It’s super soft and compliments the rest of the jacket.

Shoes are from Zara. The only issues I have with these shoes is the double straps at the top of the feet can dig in when you flex your foot/ climb steep stairs. But if you loosen the straps then they’ll be baggy around the ankle and do nothing to keep the heel of your foot in place. With that said they are lovely. Plain, simple and classy. I’ve worn them to a ball before and I lasted pretty much 6 hours before the straps became too much.

What do you guys think of the individual pieces? Let me know what you’d pair with the black cape dress! I could do with more ideas!

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