I’m Up! Portable Charger and Compact Make-Up

Hey guys! Today I wanted to introduce to you a new gadget called I’m Up which acts as a combination of a make-up compact and portable charger. I’m a huge fan of portable chargers because I often to day trips out to cities and can be out from sunrise til the early hours of the morning so it’s really important that I have a portable charger to keep my phone topped up on the go. I also think they’re an absolute necessity for events like festivals where you have to pay to charge (criminal!)

I’m Up is no bigger than your regular compact mirror or powder make-up so its a really great size to pop in your handbag. With that said most portable chargers are small but the more powerful they are the bigger they tend to be. The Im Up battery has 4300 mah. To put this into understandable terms it would only take 50 minutes to fully charge an iPhone 6 and 100 minutes for the Samsung Galaxy S6 which makes it an incredibly powerful charging device for something so small and with another use.

It’s great to have a portable charger that is powerful and also serves another purpose. The portable charger has a 2x zoom mirror which can be found under the silver rose shaped top. Underneath the mirror are two compact make-up brushes for you to top up your make-up with. The normal mirror reveals a combination of four different colours of blush and highlight. I find this so useful as I always take some make-up with me on the go but usually find things breaking (especially if I’m on a night out!) I’ve gone through several powders and blushes much quicker than usual because the packaging doesn’t offer adequate protection but the I’m Up is really sturdy without being heavy.

There are two different make-up compacts that come with the I’mUp – a blush and a bronzer and you can easily refill and change which one is in the I’mUp. They are both organic and smell divine. I often find that with products that offer a dual purpose that one of the purposes lacks in quality but the blush looks really nice on and smells lovely.

I’d highly recommend the I’mUp for people who are often travelling and find themselves worrying when their phone drops below the dreaded 20% battery. It’s such a useful and stylish portable charger and I’m totally sold!