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Hello guys. So a very new topic with me today. Don’t be scared. But I’m going to be talking about your downstairs. Not specifically yours, but that area in general and what you do to take care of one of the most sensitive areas of skin after you’ve a) shaved b) done all kinds of exercise (no innuendo intended)

As the English are quite prude what you put on your intimate area isn’t generally a topic up for discussion. Unless you’re blogging about it and decide to talk to hundreds of people about it at once (irony?) I was blissfully unaware that there was skincare developed specifically for sensitive areas of your body. But much like the invention of eye cream (we all know how sensitive that skin is) there’s also skincare for your unmentionables. With the amount of waxing/ plucking/shaving that women do it’s really important to hydrate your bikini line. We all hate shaving rash – no matter where it is. But by taking care of your sensitive skin you can prevent dryness, ingrown hairs and reduce skin friction during exercise. How? With SASS.

SASS Perfect Skin Concentrate £12.00 *-  I absolutely love using this after shaving as it really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth. I travel a far amount and so I’m fortunate to spend some time in a bikini which of course means keeping on top of the gardening. Excessive shaving and waxing does such horrors to my skin that it’s so important for me to take care of it afterwards. Razor blades scraping away at your skin is a horrid thought and to not treat your skin after wards is a disaster. The perfect skin concentrate definitely exfoliates (ever so slightly) and nourished my skin. Plus I noticed a delay in hair regrowth which is magical!

SASS Protection Barrier Cream £14.00 *- I have a gorgeous friend called Paige and when we were in Spain we had a rather long walk from our villas to the local square with all the restaurants. In the heat Paige complained of ‘Chub Rub’ aka her thighs were rubbing together causing friction. I laughed hysterically and now looking back I wish I could have given her this product. The barrier cream is intended to be used when exercising and is especially good when riding saddle. It works by reducing friction and hydrating the skin thus meaning no chub rub. I also find this works really well as a general think moisturiser so if my skin needs TLC after hard sports I’ll just use this 🙂

SASS Sportive Recovery Serum £16.00* – Used straight after showering after an intense gym session this really hydrated my skin and left it feeling soothed. It goes hand and hand with the protection barrier cream as a kind of two step process. Think of them as shampoo and conditioner. Can’t do without one or the other.

SASS Purifying Cleanser £7.00* –  Just in case anyone was unaware (and I was until about a year ago) if you wash your vagina with anything, be it shower gel, soap, Lush shower jelly, you run the risk of disturbing your vagina’s pH (yes it has one) and this can lead to infections like BV and thrush. Women have it hard, even when we want to be clean our body betrays us! That’s why it’s so super important to have products specifically made for the area you’re washing. The purifying cleanser is gynaecologist and dermatologist approved (there’s a HUGE difference between ‘tested’ and ‘approved’ – take note when buying products) so you know it will only do good for you. I’d highly recommend this for that time of the month when you need to stay fresh.

SASS Soothe and Smooth Shave Gel £10.00* – I am obsessed with shaving gel and will not shave any inch of my body without it. Otherwise I run the risk of cutting myself and bleeding on all the things I love. I found the shaving gel from SASS to be super hydrating and a really thick formula when it comes out of the bottle. I hate shaving gel’s that are too thin because then it defeats the point and I could have just used shower gel or something. This in combination with the perfect skin concentrate works a treat for shaving – again as part of a two step process.

I hope that you guys enjoyed my breakdown of SASS products. I wasn’t using anything special on my sensitive skin areas but after becoming more educated about it I’m definitely a huge fan of this kind of range. Is there anything you’d love to try from SASS? Do you already use products similar to the ones mentioned above? Let me know!

  • This was so helpful, I've never even thought about using specific products (downstairs)!! Awesome blog I love it & love your style!!☺️X