Motel Rocks x Moonchild

It is an absolute sin that I’ve owned this dress for months and I’ve only worn it once. It just goes to show that I really do just wear the same outfit over and over (oops). But I do love it when I rediscover an item I’ve forgotten about and I fall in love with it all over again it’s such an amazing feeling!

I wore this Motel dress for a dinner date with one of my closest friends (who mid dinner asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding next summer!) I love this dress because I feel like some black dresses can border on being boring. This dress has the perfect amount of mesh and detail to be interesting, beautiful but not trashy. The pattern on the sleeves is so gorgeous it reminds me of the architecture on Parisian buildings. It’s made of really soft velvet type material which feels super nice to the touch.
I’m a really big fan of mesh on dresses and I love the cut out down the chest and the mesh back on this dress. I have small enough boobs that if I wore this without a bra it wouldn’t show any cleavage or anything. I’ve seen girls in clubs with these kinds of outfits with really, really huge boobs and I feel like their boobs are going to break through the mesh and slap me in the face. Overshare? I don’t care.
I paired the dress with some gorgeous Topshop wedge platform heels that I bought for a ball a few years ago. I absolutely love the multi-coloured glitter not he heel! I haven’t seen any shoes like these since I bought these two years ago so I always feel really special when I wear them which is what fashion is all about!
What do you think of the Motel dress and Topshop heels? Are you a fan of mesh on the chest?