My Shoe Wardrobe

When people start discussing how many shoes they have I try to hold back. I really, really fucking do. “I have a shoe wardrobe!” I exclaim like a proud mother. No I’m not trying to show off. If you knew me you’d know I’m not about gloating… about anything never mind something like shoes. But I am proud of my babies. They live together in harmony all bound by the love I have for them. Okay… let’s get serious. Let me give you some shoe inspo (I hope – apart from the ski boots maybe)

1. No idea where these are from – sorry! 2. Jeffrey Campbell Cassius $200 3. Jeffrey Cambell (similar) $219 4. Jeffrey Campbell Studded Lita Platforms £140

1. Jeffrey Campbell Mules (similar) £53 2. Jeffrey Campbell Rum Moto Boots £25 3. Steve Madden (similar) €139 4. Jeffrey Campbell through Ebay

1. H&M three years ago. 2. NastyGal 3. Topshop  while ago 4. Public Desire

1. Kurt Geiger Kestral Nude Court Shoes £59 2. Kurt Geiger 3. Public Desire 4. Topshop two years ago

1. Forever21 2. Cheap shop near my house 3. Office 4. Kurt Geiger for my 16th prom aka 4 years ago!

1. H&M four years ago 2. Kurt Geiger I’ve seen them in Selfridges recently on sale 3. No idea. 4. Just Fab Hadley Shoe which is currently out of stock

1. Office Out of Stock 2. Misguided (not very comfy) £35 3. Timberland Lyonsdale Chelsea Boots £120 4. No idea

1. Jeffrey Campbell purchased in Bangkok 2. No Idea 3. Just 4. Public Desire

1. Public Desire 2. Topshop Loafers 3. Zara 4. Matalan*

1. Doc Marten Lace Up Boots 2. Chuck Taylor Black Converse 3. River Island 2 years ago 4. SKI BOOOTs comfiest things ever but super heavy 

1. New Balance 2. Nike 3. Nike Blazers 4. Kaepa’s aka cheer shoes

Apologies about the limited links! I’ve had some of these shoes for up to 5/6 years so it’s no surprise they’re no longer around for sale on the internet. I’m sure with some good googling you can find yourself a pair somewhere or some very similar.

I only really just noticed how many of my shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell. I didn’t think I had that many but that’s probably because 99% of them are all heels which I don’t wear on a day to day basis. If I leave you with any useful information after the end of this post it would be to invest in some Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They’re so unique and totally unlike anything else on the market. Plus they’re all really comfy – even the ones with no heel (you just place your weight toward the front of your feet then you don’t fall over) It’s relatively easy I went clubbing in them once!

I suppose I have more than enough shoes and don’t need to be buying any in the near future. I also have flip flops etc but didn’t think they were anything really interesting or would be what you guys would be interested in.

Let me know which pair is your favourite!

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