Prada Red Cat Eye Sunglasses

I love buying new sunglasses. I must go through at least 6 pairs of crappy ASOS and Topshop ones per year. I spend roughly about ยฃ6 per frame and they always end up breaking or I loose them because I just don’t care about them enough to take good care of them. But let me tell you… those days are over. They ended on my 19th birthday when I received a pair of Chanel sunglasses as a present. I protect them more than I protect my brother (sorry Ross). I recently took a trip to Mexico where everything designer happens to be a lower price. So I picked up two pairs of sunglasses and these were the first…

Don’t take me too seriously, okay?

At first I wasn’t too sure about them because of the red band. I’m someone who goes for plain black sunglasses with a bit of a crazy frame or lens. But never a crazy colour. But when I tried them on I was really surprised at how much I liked them. Despite hating the fact that the red stood out and looked really bold compared to my bright white hair I loved it. 
The lens are almost like an ombre black to brown as you can see in the photos and the front facing frame is a tortoiseshell. Paired with the red these sunglasses have quite a bit going on on them but I personally don’t think they look too bold or offensive. You can’t go wrong with designer, can you?
The lenses are so clear and really do protect your eyes from the sun. They look as clear as if I had no sunglasses on at all. They sit quite heavy on the face which was noticeable in comparison to the other (and less expensive) D&G glasses I got. But after a while I got used to the weight and when I put the other sunnies on I felt like they could too easily fall off my face but that really isn’t the case with these.
All in all I’m completely smitten and I’ll be taking these to L.A with me for sure. What do you think of them? Are you also obsessed with sunglasses or is it something else – bags, purses, shoes?

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