The Happiness Boutique

A few years ago I wasn’t really into jewellery and accessories. But ever since becoming a blogger I’ve noticed in a lot of fashion posts how my eye can be drawn to the accessories in a post as opposed to the outfit itself. A blogger recently posted a photo of her outfit with a stunning Chloe bag and it was all I could look at! I think accessories can really set off and complete an outfit and sometimes they can even be very useful i.e belts. Since then I’ve become a fan of dressing up plainer outfits with statement pieces, especially statement necklaces. This necklace from Happiness Boutique is the right combination of statement but without being too chunky or masculine.

I have a few statement necklaces that follow an Aztec theme, they’re all silver and very chunky. I decided to go for a more feminine necklace from the Happiness Boutique and was immediately drawn to the detail on the beads. The peach beads with the small pearlescent white dots on are definitely my favourite.
I think that this necklace is perfect for adding a little detail to my more low key outfits when I just want to go out for coffee with friends and still want to look put together but don’t want to place too much effort into getting dressed. I think one of the great things about accessories is if you put together the correct pieces it can make your outfit look a lot more complex than it really is. It’s basically outfit cheating.
What do you think of this necklace? Is it something you would wear or do you usually go for more delicate pieces of jewellery? Any advice on how I should style it?