Vernez App Launch

Hey guys! So yesterday I had the good fortune to travel from Manchester to London for the day to attend the launch of the brand new fashion focused app called Vernez! You can download Vernez for iPhone from the app store now. It’s an app that allows you to create fashion magazine style spreads using items that you can buy directly through the app.

Vernez is a really hyper connected app where you can follow other users and items for inspiration. The thing I really love about the app is how free it is from restraint. You can use your own photos and photos of items from stores you love to create your fashion spreads (as you can see from two of my spreads above). It’s an app that really allows you to be creative and experimental with your ideas whilst also providing a platform for you to see what trends other users are loving for inspiration. There’s also a small section of recommended users so you can follow active people on the app – you can find yours truly there! The best way to get to know the app is by using it so I encourage you to download and experiment with it!

The Vernez event was held in such a beautiful and stylish space and it really suited the vibe of the app. Moyang, the app’s creator, gave a really great speech about her love of fashion and social media which I feel everyone in the room could really relate to. It’s nice to see that the app has ben born because of someone’s love of fashion and social media and also to fill a gap in the market as there’s no other app thats quite like Vernez. Because of Moyang’s passion and the friendly and motivational team helping her I do think that the Vernez app is going to do really well.

The other bloggers at the event were really lovely and all very passionate and involved with the app (people were favouriting Moyang’s looks as she was demonstrating the app through her speech!) Everyone had a great time on the app, listening to Moyang, playing around with the Photo Booth and eating some delicious cotton candy.

Many thanks to Moyang and the Vernez team for a lovely evening.

What do you guys think of the ideas behind the Vernez app? Will you be downloading it? If so let me know your username’s so I can follow you!Follow


  • Spotted my self in the candy floss photo haha! I personally really love the app and had a great time yesterday. My username is rohmamalik ๐Ÿ™‚