20 Facts About Me

Hey everyone! I love reading about the blogger behind the blog so I figured I’d do a personal post so you can get to know me a little better. I hope you enjoy!

1. My natural hair colour is dark brown (which a lot of people seem surprised about!)
2. I want to be an author and I’m currently writing a novel. I’m about half way through and it’s based loosely around events that have happened in my life and the people I’ve met.
3. I’m currently studying English Lit at UCLA. Just for a year before I finish my degree back home, so far I love UCLA more.
4. I’ve visited 16 countries in my life but hope to visit the majority of them
5. I’m obsessed with make-up and if I hadn’t gone to Uni and didn’t want to become an author I’d probably be doing make-up full time.
6. I can twist my hands round 360 degrees but I’m not double jointed anywhere else.
7. I didn’t really care for dogs… until I got a dog. Now I’m obsessed.
8. I cannot get to sleep unless a room it pitch black. And peferably silent.
9. I love working late at night. I find I’m most creative at that time.
10. Before blogging I used to be obsessed with Piczo and then Tumblr and had 12k followers. Oh how I regret deleting.
11. I’m probably the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. But if you betray me or are a dick to other people I care about it I’ll make your life hell. Be scared.
12. I really want to live in both Paris and New York at some point as they’re my favourite
13. I love both blogging and youtube but wish I’d started youtube much earlier!
14. I really wan tot do a huge USA road trip in the back of an old VW truck with mattresses and blankets and forts kitted out in the back.
15. When I fall for someone I do so hard. And it takes ages for it to go away. Which hurts like a motherfuck.
16. I have a little brother called Ross and he’s like my best friend. Even if he doesn’t know it.
17. I love to ski but wish I could snowboard better. I hope to get it nailed this Christmas.
18. I played Quidditch the other day.
19. I have three tattoos. I don’t regret them and I hope to get a few more.
20. My eyes are the precise same colour as my mom’s.

I hope you guys enjoyed this personal post! Let me know a bit more about yourself in the comments <3