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Hello everyone I’m Heather from the blog 100 Ways to 30 and today I am guest posting on Abigail’s blog, which is very exciting as it’s my first guest post (so please bare with me!)
The weather has recently started to get cold, but in all honesty I’m not 100% ready for the whole, time to fish out the jumpers and tights malarkey – well that’s actually a lie. I am ready, it’s my empty bank account that’s not! Ha! 

Anyway with my lack of autumnal clothes, I haven’t quite yet detached myself fully from my summer wardrobe. I bought this denim shirt all the way back in June, which I featured in my June Haul (watch it here) and have probably only worn it once! I have a terrible habit of doing that – maybe it’s on account of my life being way too boring for me to actually have a reason to get dressed up and out of the house.
I’ve paired it with this skater skirt, which creates a girly and cool look. I love skater skirts as they have the amazing ability of making anyone who wears them look amazing, and whenever I put mine on, I always feel a lot girlier than I actually am! 
This look could also work as a preppy autumnal outfit, by throwing a jumper over the shirt and pulling on some knee-high socks. One of which I will be trying out soon, for when the months get colder!
Get the Look:
SHIRT – Primark, SKIRT – H&M, BOOTS – Peacocks, NECKLACE – Primark
Did you like this look? Do you like skater skirts?
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