Palos Verdes, California

If you ever want beautiful photos taken of you as well as learning lots about how to take great photos then I highly suggest you join your photography club at University! I joined the FPS (Film & Photography) club at UCLA and I’ve met some great people and learnt a lot so it really couldn’t have been a better decision!

The FPS club took a hike up to Palos Verdes in Los Angeles. The hike starts at the top of a rocky cliff which you can walk down to a very pebbly beach. At the end of the trail there’s remnants of an old shipwreck which is perfect for exploring and taking some pictures.

I really wish that I’d worn shorts or something though because it was so windy on the day and hiking back up the cliff must have been a bad sight for those walking up below me. Oops, hi my butt in your face. I wore my very nerdy looking New Balance trainers which are actually the comfiest shoes I own so I’m very glad I brought them with me! Plus the colour watches the red of the Brandy Melville dress I was wearing which is lucky!

We all had a beautiful drive form UCLA to Palos Verdes which takes around an hour and you even spend a little bit of time on the very scenic Pacific Coast Highway. The walk itself was lovely and the weather was a little bit on the cooler side which everyone was very glad about because it meant we weren’t absolutely sweltering. We managed to catch the sunset at night and I took a little Hyperlapse of the sun going down. Golden hour has to be one of my favourite times of day aside from the Sunrise.

Have you guys been out walking anywhere magical recently?