Special Effects Make-Up Starter Kit

Hey guys! So for Halloween this year I decided to try out some SFX make-up. I usually just play about with make-up and wear a costume but I decided to expand my skills and try learning something new.
I heard that Ben Nye was the best option to go for when experimenting in beginner’s SFX make-up as he’s affordable, does almost every product you could need and his products are generally just great anyway (if he is good enough for Kim K!) The things that I learnt from YouTubers are that the necessary items in a beginners kit are:
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum
  • Scab Blood
  • Fake Blood
  • Nose & Scar Wax
I ordered all of these from a website called Make-Up Mania and the total (inc delivery) came to around $25 which I thought was really good as for some reason I always thought that SFX make-up was extra expensive.
Above are some photos I took on a very bored Wednesday evening when I decided to dabble in SFX. The first set are some of a torn face kind of deal. Although I definitely need to find a lighter colour foundation. Strangely it’s the same foundation on my skin but it looks so much deeper when applied onto of the cotton and latex. The second is a Vampire bite, as I’m totally crazy about the Vampire kind of thing.
I’m going to keep practising and teaching myself different tips and tricks with SFX make-up and hopefully by next Halloween I’ll be good at it!
Are you guys going to experiment in SFX make-up? What looks do you recommend I try?