Welcome to UCLA!

Hey everybody, so recently I moved into my dorm room at UCLA and I’ve been spending a few weeks getting settled in and used to life on campus, making friends etc. etc. So I haven’t been really active on blogger and bloglovin for that reason. I just wanted to share with you some photos from my time on campus so far!

OK. So last Tuesday marked my fourth week in the US and therefore at UCLA. I’m honestly so amazed at how fast my time here as gone but in other ways I feel so completely settled in that it feels like I’ve been here for years! In a lot of ways I feel like I’ve settled more quickly here than anywhere I’ve moved to before because campus is so busy that there’s a lot of things to do! To organise my post a bit more I’ve created little sections so you can read what you’re interested in the most.


Moving into a dorm is so much different from moving into halls at Uni in England. Most people in the USA have roommates (and so do I!) At first I was kind of dreading it, the only positive I saw was that there was a guaranteed person I would know at UCLA from my first week. But turns out my roommate moved in 5 days late so I didn’t really spend much time with her at all in the first week. It’s definitely not a pain to live with someone else. We don’t have awkward silences, we don’t find sleeping schedules are a pain even though I’m a really light sleeper and I do wake up when she has an early lecture I just roll back to sleep once she’s left. Plus, I think it’s nice to have someone in your room some of the time because you don’t feel lonely or homesick which is definitely a risk. There’s a lot to do on campus too so most of the time one of us is out and the other has the room to themselves. So it’s all good, I enjoy having a roommate.

Dorms are also different because they’re so much huger in the USA. It’s a co-ed dorm so I live with both girls and boys like at my home Uni of Royal Holloway (RHUL). But at RHUL I was living with 7 other people now I live with around 58. It’s amazing because I know so many people and they’re all really lovely and great fun. It’s one of the great social aspects about living at UCLA.


Although the photos do display UCLA in a pretty way absolutely nothing captures the feeling I felt on my first day after I moved into my dorm and had a wander around campus. The buildings, games fields and general rest areas were all so beautiful and I couldn’t get enough. I still feel so happy when I see the pretty buildings and nature surrounding them. Campus is also absolutely huge so I’m constantly discovering lovely little spots that I haven’t seen before. There’s a few spots that remind me so much of Hogwarts which I obviously get really excited about!

There are SO many activities to get involved with at UCLA. The Uni held a massive Activities Fair in Zero Week (aka Fresher’s) where all the clubs had a stand and told you about their sport/activity so you could sign up. I signed up for a lot and I’m loving all of the groups. Currently I’m a journalist for an online magazine called Her Campus, part of MUN, Random Acts of Kindness, Film Photography Society, Board Club (ski and snowboarding), The Writer’s Den and I’ve even gotten involved in Quidditch. But I may not be continuing with that one as I’m not too sure if I like it or not. I’m also hoping to get on the competitive Ski Team so I sent my application in for that (fingers crossed!)
California weather… Cali weather… the sun exists here… all the time it is summer. No but seriously the weather is amazing because it makes you want to get up and do something. I always feel when it rains in England that I can justify staying inside and being lazy because the weather is shit. But in L.A it’s beautiful 99.9% of the time which seems to give me more energy and make me go outside. Maybe I’m solar powered?
Since I study English Lit at home I wanted to carry on with it at UCLA because I figured it’d help me a lot before my final third year at RHUL (this year I’m taking UCLA is basically a years interruption in my degree and my grades here don’t count to my final home degree grade). I’m taking a Creative Writing class, Female Authors class and American Authors 1900-1945. So far the classes have all been really interesting and my professors are lovely. Especially the one for American Authors he’s fab. The creative writing one is so exciting for me because my dream in life is to become an author so I’m hoping this will sharpen up my skills and get me writing more (as well as The Writer’s Den club I’ve joined.) At UCLA you take up new classes every quarter so in January I’ll be learning something new, I really want to take a language class. I’m thinking of learning French as well as English classes, so I’ll be taking 4 classes instead of 3.
All in all the first three weeks at UCLA and in America in general has been wonderful. I feel really welcome at UCLA mainly due to the friends I’ve made on my dorm floor and the one’s I’ve made through various clubs. I hope to make more and get to know the one’s I’ve already made better. I’m really excited for what my future holds at UCLA and I hope to share some more posts about my progress with you guys! I’ll still be posting regularly about fashion & beauty too so you won’t see anything different in terms of content.
Would you guys like to see an in-depth campus tour of UCLA? or a Dorm tour?