Thanksgiving in San Francisco

Hello everyone! I’m hitting you with another travel post because I cannot resist but share with you the amazing places I’m visiting and loving in California. I spent Thanksgiving weekend with my friend Valerie who invited me to stay with her and her family over the holidays.

Valerie was my personal tour guide around San Francisco and she packed so much into four days we managed to get everything done that we wanted to. The photos are from Golden Gate, Twin Peaks, North Beach, the Haight and Painted Ladies. We also managed to get ourselves to Berkeley and Union Square which I’ll be taking you guys round in my vlogs (link to vlogging channel is here!)

I really loved visiting San Fran as it felt so much like home because of the weather. L.A is amazing but it feels off sometimes because nothing is similar to England there but SF is definitely more homely. I hope to visit again and go see a football or baseball game.

It was my first ever Thanksgiving as my family and I don’t celebrate it in England. It s such a lovely holiday and felt a lot like Christmas day (thanksgiving dinner is SO similar to Christmas dinner with my family at home) It was lovely being in a home environment after being at University for so long you kind of forget what home comforts are like! All in all I had a great weekend and can’t wait to come back.

Have you guys been to SF? What did you enjoy the most?