Under 21 and In Vegas!

Basically an adults playground in the middle of absolute nowhere. Las Vegas is only a one hour plane journey from LAX which set me back a minor $80/£50! I went out in October to meet my parents who had flown over from Manchester, UK for a catch up!

Despite America having the ridiculous (in my opinion) age restriction of 21 on alcohol there’s a surprising amount to do in Vegas when you’re under 21. I have until April before I turn 21 so the weekend was nothing like the movie The Hangover but it was still incredible! I have been to Vegas once before for a 4 day trip when I was 16 and I remember being so amazed at the pace of the city in the night time and how quiet it is in the morning which was perfect because I didn’t have hangover so I was up early!

At 20 years old I felt so close but so far from all the gambling and drinking. But I’m glad I’ve done Vegas as an under 21 year old because after my 21st Vegas is always going to be a crazy experience. It’s nice to know what the city has to offer for people who don’t drink.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Vegas and you’re under 21 here’s some things to do to keep you occupied!

  • Go and see the Belaggio fountains!
  • Go shopping at Caesars forum
  • Try out a rollercoaster ride onto of one of the hotels
  • Eat at the “Eiffel Tower”
  • Head to Fremont St aka Old Vegas
  • Zip-wire down Fremont St
  • Get your photo taken with the street performers/artists
  • Head to a show! (I’ve been to a few Cirque du Soleil and a show called Absinthe – all fab!)
  • Chill by the pool at your hotel – Monte Carlo has a very active DJ there!
  • Head to the famous ‘Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada’ sign!
  • Go visit the Grand Canyon
  • Take a night time helicopter ride
  • Rent out a Lamborghini/Ferrari supercar for an hour
There’s so much to do in Las Vegas which you can do either as a 21 year old or under. I feel like when I turn 21 Vegas will never be the same so I’m glad to have got the tourist stuff out of the way and when April comes it will be time to party hard!