50 Money-Free Blog Post Ideas

90% of the blog posts I read involve materialistic items. A lot of the ones I post are guilty of being materialistic too but I really do enjoy reading posts that aren’t about things. I love reading how people do their hair in simple ways, or how someone spent their weekend in a different country. If you’re lacking in blog post ideas (It’s happened to me so many times) then I hope this list helps you out and you get some inspo!

1) About Me Post
2) How to rewind after a long day
3) Travel Post
4) TBT Share some baby pics!
5) School/Uni/Work organisation tips
6) Movies to watch this weekend
7) 10 of your fav blog posts from this week
8) Blog spotlight; Who is your fav blogger at the moment?
9) Room tour
10) Top favourite books
11) Top favourite songs of all time
12) Instagram update
13) Inspiration Point: Who inspires me
14) Travel Bucket List
15) Bucket List
16) Your main passion (aside from blogging!)
17) Thoughts on current issues
18) Read a page from one of your old diaries
19) Read a page from one of your new diaries
20) Your favourite make-up brands & why
21) List of essential blogging resources
22) How to take better photos
23) How you edit your photos for blog/IG
24) How to make your dorm room more homely
25) How do ‘Insert fav DIY’
26) 2016/monthly goals
27) Favourite online stores
28) Wishlist of clothing items
29) Wishlist of beauty items
30) Your fav fashion trends of all time
31) Your fav beauty trends of all time
32) Your fav spotify playlists
33) Favourite Youtuber posts
34) Favourite Youtube video posts
35) Behind the scenes: a regular day in your life
36) Rant: What ticks you off?
37) Interview a blogger
38) Inspirational quote post
39) Interior design inspo
40) Best things on Pinterest
41) Advice post (on puberty, mental health, body image, spirit, stress etc.)
42) Most embarassing moments
43)Moments that have taken your breath away
44) Your 10 most favourite photos of all time
45) Your 10 most favourite photos that you’ve taken of all time
46) Creative Writing post
47) Parody post – parody The Great gatsby, Twilight etc get creative!
48) DIY face mask with ingredients from your fridge
49) Best places to visit in your hometown
50) Make your own 50 money free blog post ideas!
Did you guys get some good ideas for new posts? I’m going to try and invest less in things to write about on my blog and save more $$$!