Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul

Since her launch ABH has become one of my favourite make-up brands and fast. I’ve blogged about a few of her products before but I’m so excited to talk about some major new purchases I made over on her website.

How gorgeous are these colours!? I was so impressed with the range of shades available in this palette that I just had to get my hands on it. I’m a really big fan of the pale mint green colour because I’ve never seen another shade quite like it in any other palettes. I’m obsessed with the shade Pink Champagne (far left one on my arm) it’s so glittery and catches the light perfectly. I wore this to a party and it really completed the look and gave it something special. Not to mention there’s also colours here that you can use for everyday wear such as all the matte light creams and the nude browns. I’d highly recommend this palette to anyone who is after another eyeshadow palette with a little twist.
This was the first cream contour kit I’ve ever bought and to be honest it may be my last. The only reason being is that I have really dry skin that overcompensates by creating more and more oil so it does not do well to put thick creamy substances on there. I thought that the cream would be much lighter but it’s very thick and hard to work with. That being said I did use some under my eyes and it worked well as a concealer. I want to play around with this a bit more before I completely write it off, maybe warm up the product more before applying so it’s more malleable. If you’re into heavy contouring Kim Kardashian style then I think you’d rather enjoy this one.

I am such a huge fan of ABH liquid lipsticks. If I were to go shopping at ABH with you I’d tell you you needed to buy two things; brow wiz & a liquid lipstick. I picked up lipsticks in Pure Hollywood which is a gorgeous pale pink/nude shade and Sweet Talker which is a muted barbie pink colour. I am always adding new shades to my lipstick collection because I think it’s one area you can switch up regularly without having to think about anything going wrong. I would love to own all of ABH liquid lipsticks some day but we’ll see!

What do you guys think about the haul? My favourite item is the eyeshadow palette – what is yours?

  • Bri

    Was Sweet Talker limited edition? I can’t find it anywhere! =(

    • 2w8-dcp

      Hey doll! If you can’t find it on the site then it probably was limited edition. I recommend Doll Parts by Jeffree Star it’s very similar in colour.