Frank Body Lip Scrub & Balm

If you haven’t seen my recent post on Frank Body’s Top to Toe Bundle then you won’t know how impressed I am with their products. But I’m definitely a #Frankfurt now. Frank Body recently released their Lip Scrub and Balm for only $14.95 so I knew I had to give it a go and see if they are as good at lipcare as they are with everything else!

Firstly can I just say, how cute is Frank’s packaging? I absolutely love the little brown bags that they package the lip balm and scrub in (and their body scrub too) I think they look so cute and the little but very detailed labels are really informative and useful when reading about their products. Frank’s lip balm and scrub come in one package so you can’t buy one without the other but that’s OK because they are an excellent pair.

I have tried Lip Scrubs before from Lush but I wasn’t happy with how hard and difficult the product is to get out of the little tubs they package them in. Frank’s scrub is less dry and therefore more moisturising and easy to use than Lush’s scrubs. The scrub smells like very sweet coffee and is absolutely divine – it’s good enough to eat. You take a little bit on your finger and scrub it on your lips you can then either wash it off or lick it off! This leaves my lips feeling super soft as it gets rid of any dead or dry skin on them because the formula contains oils such as beeswax oil and coffee seed oil it also leaves them feeling super moisturised so if you don’t suffer from super dry lips you can save the lip balm and just use the scrub!

The lip balm itself doesn’t really smell of anything. It is incredibly moisturising as it contains Lanolin which can hold over 200% of its own weight in water. The balm also contains oils such as coconut and grapeseed oil, coffee arabic seed oil and also contains Vitamin E so the balm is bursting with nourishing ingredients which make your lips feel very soft and hydrated. I can’t wait to take the balm with me to the snowy Colorado slopes as my lips often get dry in the harsh weather and need some serious hydration.

Do you guys like the sound of this lip duo? Would you give it a go?