How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hey guys! Today I decided to do a little bit of a How To tutorial on how I edit my Instagram photos. These photos go hand in hand with my blog photos as I often use the same process to edit my blog photos and then I also post my blog photos on my Instagram in order to promote my blog posts. I hope this is useful for you guys!

Let’s start with this photo I took in the middle of the day of a new eyeshadow palette I bought:

So as you can tell the photo is really, really dark and definitely needs sprucing up a bit. If you look at my Instagram you can tell I post according to a light and bright theme. All of my photos are light, maybe slightly overexposed, they have a bit of fade so the colours are very soft (nothing is high in contrast) and they also have a very slight filter on them which means that even if the colours are different from photo to photo they still relate to one another.

If you want your photos to look very organised I would suggest choosing a theme and sticking to it. This can be quite difficult as sometimes you’ll take a photo that  looks beautiful but because it doesn’t fit in with your Instagram theme it won’t sit right on your feed and will stand out and throw the whole theme off. This is the downside of IG themes – they can be restricting. But I feel more drawn to Instagram’s with themes because I won’t get unexpected photos of things I don’t like and IG’s with themes appear more aesthetically pleasing when you look at the full account. My theme is light & soft. A lot of people place a theme on their content i.e only posting photos of make-up but because my blog and my life is a compilation of things I don’t restrict my theme and post all sorts. You decide how much you want to restrict yourself. Or don’t restrict yourself at all!

My first port of call to edit photos is Photoscape. This is a free, downloadable app that gives you a lot of creative control over your photos. You can edit brightness/contrast/crop/resize, add filters (there’s an option to buy more filters too), add emoji’s/ text etc.

The first thing I do is set the Brightness tab to as high as it can go (100) as you can see there’s small circles that you click on and drag and the photo will adjust as your drag – it’s so easy to use! I also turn up the Lightening Shadows which brightens up the photo even more without lightening the shadows the photo is still too dark.
The next thing I do is click on the ‘Film’ tab which is actually a bunch of Filters. If I’m editing photos for a blog I usually choose either ‘Velvia’ or ‘Provia’ it depends on what the photo is as sometimes the colours suit one filter as opposed to the other. If I’m editing for Instagram I’ll chose either Velvia, Provia or 0-02. 0-02 is very flight and fades the photo so I usually turn down the ‘amount’ tab which you can see under the filters so you can adjust how strong the filter is on the photo.
The next thing I use is the VSCO app on my phone. You can sign up for an account over on their website where you can access all your photos.
Because I’ve already edited my photos a lot in Photoscape I don’t mess around too much afterwards – I don’t want my photos over-edited which is possible! I usually apply the F2 filter in VSCO to all my photos so they all look connected in some way. Then I head to the Instagram app. If the photo is still a little dark I turn up the brightness on the Instagram app. Since its update Instagram has gotten a lot better with its in app editing so you can have a lot of creative control in the app itself. Once the photo looks how I want it to I upload it to Instagram. If it stands out too much in my feed and looks like it needs a bit more editing to fit in my feed I’ll edit it a little further in Instagram and then reupload!
Before and After! As you can tell there’s a huge difference between the two photos. The first is too dark and depressing but the second is bright and inviting.
I hope that this tutorial was useful and you’ve gained some tips on how to edit your instagram photos! Tag me in any photos where you use my process I’d love to see how they look! & don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! @abigailalicex