Skiing Crested Butte, Colorado

Hey everyone! So very recently I got back from a ski trip with Los Angeles Ski & Board Club at UCLA who spent some time in Crested Butte, Colorado for a few days of skiing and partying.

I had such a great time on the ski trip that began with a 16 hour coach journey from LA to Crested Butte. Unfortunately I’m not go great at long coach journey’s as I suffer from motion sickness and because we all spent a few hours on the bus partying and drinking our bus was nicknamed ‘The Vomit Comit’ by the end of the full journey but we all still had fun! We made a stop off in Vegas on the way which I managed to miss as I was taking a nap after a few drinks (oops!) Luckily it wasn’t so long ago that I was last in Vegas so I wasn’t too upset about missing it.

I shared a condo (an apartment) with three other girls Erin, Taylor and Lauren who I didn’t know before the trip but who are absolutely lovely and I was glad to spend some time partying and skiing with them. The slopes at Crested Butte were pretty good although I wish that more of them were open at the time. We had a couple of days of light snow which made the skiing better than it would have been.

We had a coupe of party themes during our stay ‘It Used to Be Cool’ where I wore Saved By the Bell and also a Star Wars theme where I dressed up as Leia. There were a few fun event in the evening like Broom ball, boat race and some other drinking games. By the time the trip was over I think we were all exhausted from the amount of exercise and partying we had done.

I had a great week and met some new people as well as developing my skiing! Where do you guys ski? Are you into it or would you ever try it?