TBT: Val Thorens

Hey guys! I have no idea why I never posted about my University ski trip form last year when it actually happened. Maybe because I was busy with Christmas and family etc anyway! I’m throw backing to last year when I spent a week in the snow with Royal Holloway.

For those of you who don’t know I’ve been skiing since I was around 11 years old so almost ten years now which is crazy! I can also snowboard but I’m so much worse at it (although I hope that that changes soon – I need to ask my brother for some lessons!) I’ve been skiing in several places such as Finland, Austria, Vermont and (soon) Colorado. I did enjoy the skiing in France as I thought there was a huge range of slopes to cater for all abilities. I do prefer skiing in America as there is no language barrier and when you’re doing a dangerous sport it is calming to know that you can get help if you need it.

Val Thorens is a little village in the middle of the Alps surrounded by the likes of Meribel. It’s so perfect for a young adult/university vacation as it has everything you need: copious nightclubs, bars, fast food places, supermarket’s, restaurants and even a spa (no idea why some people on our trip felt it was necessary to go there though)

The partying there was so perfect for an 18th/21st birthday if you prefer to go on vacations that are more active rather than lying by the pool – some people prefer the snow! It was a fab week and I can’t wait to head back to the Alps with my RH ski family next year!

Do you guys like skiing or snowboarding? Would you ever try it?