The Carli Bybel Palette

I love watching You Tuber’s online and Carli Bybel is one of my favourite beauty guru’s! When I watched one of her videos and found out that she was bringing out a eyeshadow and highlighter combo palette I knew it’d be something I had to get my hands on. You can imagine how surprised I was when I found out it was only $12.50! So many palettes cost an arm and a leg nowadays so I was glad to hear Carli was releasing something affordable so all her supporters can buy it!

I’ve used this palette a handful of times since I bought it a couple of weeks ago (I’ve sworn off make-up for a month so I only used this on special occasions and to test the eyeshadows out) I’m really impressed with the pigmentation of the highlighters and eyeshadows. I love the purple/plum tones that Carli has chosen for her palette. The plums work so well with the vibrant golden colour.
There’s also a lot of copper/brown and nude tones in the palette so you can definitely use this palette to achieve a more low key look. But I feel like the real selling point are the plum colours as they’re just so pretty!
There’s an even amount of shimmery and matte tones which is great as you get variation in your looks. It can be quite strong to use just shimmery tones or quite boring to have just matte tones on the lid.
This palette is unique in its combination of highlighter and eyeshadows in one. It’s such a useful concept to combine the two especially with the rise in popularity of trends such as highlight/contour and strobing. There’s a huge difference between the highlight powders. The two lightest shades are best for me with my natural skin tone as they highlight rather subtly and it looks beautiful. The more pinky light shade works well with a blusher combination too. I don’t think I’m going to be using the darkest highlight shade as it just won’t suit me even when I’m deeply tanned (rare). I’ll be using the golden highlighter after I have a fake tan or a long holiday. If I paid a lot more for the palette I would complain a lot more about the fact that two of the highlighters are going to be rarely used – if at all. But the palette is $12.50 so I don’t really care that I may not use them.
For $12.50 I cannot find a fault with this palette. I’m going to be taking it on my Christmas travels for a quick eyeshadow and highlighter fix. I had high hopes from Carli as she really knows her make-up and I wasn’t disappointed!