Timeline of My Thoughts After my International Move

Welcome to the inside of my brain. This is a week to week guide to my thoughts since moving across the pond!

Week 1) You’ll realise that you can fly internationally solo, experience border control hassle, be escorted to a private room and survive.

Week 2) You’ll start considering eating Vegan because American food can be very fatty.

Week 3) You’ll start to miss the way your sofa feels, seriously.

Week 4) Where is the good Earl Grey tea?

Week 5) “I could really do with my mom playing with my hair right now.”

Week 6) I’m spending way too much money because there is so much more fun stuff to do here.

Week 7) You’ll actually go Vegan because American food is fatty.

Week 8) There is absolutely nothing like your own bed.

Week 9) Shall I book a spray tan? I’m not tan enough to be in L.A.

Week 10) You’ll realise some friends were only your friends because you were physically there in your life to help them get what they want. They will not contact you and you will give up the effort – that is okay.

Week 11) Doing coursework and going to class is much less of a struggle when you go to UCLA and it’s bright outside when you wake up in Winter.

Week 12) Spray tan and first ever Brazilian wax – booked. What is L.A doing to me?

Week 13) You will miss home, even the weather because it reminds you of everything important you’ve left behind.

Week 14) Despite everything you’ve left behind you’ll remember all you’ve done and all there is to do in 2016 whilst your here and you’ll have a renewed sense of excitement and happiness about what’s to come.

Let me know if you guys like seeing posts about my year abroad and if you have any suggestions of places to visit in California then I’d love to hear them!