Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Hey guys! So this Christmas break had a lot of travelling held in it for me because I went on my first cruise! It went around the Caribbean and one of the stops was Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic.

the wind was a bit crazy on the ship

We had a day at sea after we left the port of Miami before we docked up at Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. The first thing I noticed was how amazing and clear the water was – the ocean looked absolutely beautiful! Amber Cove had a huge swimming pool with cabanas and water sports for you to rent out and have some fun on. One thing I was surprised about what how much greenery there is in Dominican, I thought there would be more sandy beaches but was amazed to see it look like a jungle out there! It really reminded me of a place near Phuket, Thailand I once stayed in.

The weather was absolutely scorching for boxing day heat which was great after a ski trip to Colorado and I was glad to top up my tan. We didn’t do too much at our stop here because we were all so keen to relax in the sun and have a swim.

Have you guys ever visited the Dominican Republic? Where would you recommend I go next?