Face Haul from Target

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you some bits that I picked up from Target the other day which I’m really excited to be trying out. The make-up that Target stocks is really affordable and I just love browsing in the brightly lit make-up aisles!

This is the product I am most excited to share with you guys because I am SO glad that I found it. Confession: I am not a contour whiz. I wish that I could use cream contour kits and powder contour kits like an absolute pro but I can’t, I can’t do amazing transformations or make my nose look like a cute little button. But I can’t do those things because working with contour materials seems to be SO hard – even when I try to find a darker concealer it never seems to look right. But the NYX Wonder Stick is so amazing. It’s a double ended wand with a contour and a light, cool highlight shade. It even has pictures on the side of the box showing you where to apply. It’s really easy to use and blend the formula in. Plus I love that I don’t have to carry round a huge contour KIT, it’s just one simple item. Perfect!
OK. So I bought the wrong shade and that happens to the best of us. It’s a little bit red based for my skin but that means that I’ve been using the red under my eyes to counter act the purple and voila! The perfect under eye concealer. Because it’s $3 the next time I go into Target I’m going to buy one to tackle my blemishes with.. . y’know one that actually matches my face! The formula is a really nice light cream texture and goes on like a dream and blends like one too. For the price you can’t really go wrong.
So many people are talking about this foundation on Youtube and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it because one of my favs Manny Mua uses it ALL the time. The title is a bit deceiving because on the back of the bottle it actually tells you that the formula is demi-matte which it is. I’m kind of tired of the VERY matte, absolutely no glow, no dew skin trend that got SO huge in 2015 because of Kylie Jenner. I’m rebelling against that by going for a demi-matte foundation and adding a lot of highlighter in my make-up routine of late. I like this foundation because it’s long lasting, non-oily and doesn’t make my skin look dry and flat which is what I’ve come to associate the all matte trend with. What about you guys?
I already dedicated an entire post to this balm because it works so well as a make-up primer. However, I am going to mention it here just in case you missed it. The balm contains glycerin which binds the make-up to your skin really well. It applied liquid and as you work it in the formula becomes harder and harder to move which is when you know it’s sunken in. It smells like that generic men’s deodorant smell but it fades pretty much as soon as you apply it. I would highly recommend this as it is MUCH more affordable than make-up primers on the market and works just as well if not better in my case.
What do you guys think of these beauty items? Are you going to pick any of these up?