Study Abroad Advice & My Experience

Hey guys! So as most of you may know I’m currently in Los Angeles on a study abroad exchange program with UCLA from my home university at Royal Holloway. I’m here for a full year and I’ve learnt a lot in my first three months that i hope to share with you and that I hope is helpful!

In my video I talk about the application and interview process that i had to do and that you may have to do at your home university. This is such a huge step because you have to decide if studying abroad is really for you and then you have to sell yourself to an audience you don’t know so getting this right is the first essential step in your journey. I also talk about how you have to get a VISA from the US Embassy and what the interview and application process is like there – don’t worry it is actually a lot easier than you would believe!

There’s various other steps to the application process like choosing your university, campus, booking flights, housing, extra cirricular etc. that I didn’t really think about until the issues arose so I address them in the video and I really hope it helps!

Let me know if you’re thinking of going abroad and where to! Or if you have any questions about UCLA!