The Homely San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hey guys! I am so excited to share with you some photos from my short visit to San Juan that happened over winter break. San Juan was an absolutely gorgeous town and I could totally see myself spending some real time there and getting to know all the local spots.

I absolutely love the cobbled streets of Puerto Rico and the very colourful houses. I really wish we had more architecture like that in England and America. Puerto Rico definitely reminded me of Spain and it had very strong Spanish influences so that really isn’t surprising. I thought that the architecture of the buildings was so intricate, bright and beautiful which just makes me so much happier than looking at dull grey buildings.

The people I met in San Juan were so lovely, during my short day I spoke to a man who took in stray cats and took them in to get vaccinations so they can stay healthy, a couple who owned the restaurant where I dined were so accommodating when I told them I was a vegetarian – they were from Milan, Italy and their food was so delicious! Also the people who owned and worked in the stores where I visited were so friendly too.

The shopping in San Juan was a mix of commercial stores that you would see in America and authentic Puerto Rican stores selling really interesting items or body care. I had a great time having a look round the Puerto Rican stores especially the art shops. I bought a lovely card with a local artists design printed on it and it is soon to be hung up on my wall!

San Juan had a very homely feel. I love cities and urban spaces but I also really like to feel like I know the locals and that there is a sense of community which I felt as soon as I got to San Juan. I really want to return for a week or so and really explore more of San Juan and Puerto Rico in general.

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? What did you think? Would you like to visit if you haven’t already?