The Men’s Product Every Girl Needs

No seriously, it is after shave balm. What is it for? It’s the best face primer you’ve ever used. Even for oily skin (I should know). Plus who doesn’t love to have their face smell like a guy? At least for the few minutes whilst you’re applying the product!

Thanks to NikkiTutorials on YouTube I’ve discovered a great new primer for make-up. One that will keep my make-up in place all day despite my oily skin and the Los Angeles heat and it happens to be an After Shave Balm by Nivea $6.95 made for men (but loved by beauty guru’s everywhere)

Why does the balm work so well? The After Shave balm contains Glycerin which is perfectly fine to put on your skin especially using it as a primer. Remember that most men will be using this after they’ve dragged a razor over their face so don’t worry about putting it on your freshly cleansed skin. Glycerin is found in a lot of SFX make-up and I believe can also be used in make-up glue so the balm works well because it binds make-up together and to your skin (temporarily). As opposed to other primers which make your skin smooth using ingredients such as silicone which sit on top of the skin and make-up glides on smoothly glycerin binds it together. Makes sense?

I’ve used this a couple of times, once before a party and my make-up ended the night looking as good as it started and I also used it to film a make-up video in the morning and then took my still perfect looking make-up off at 22:45. So as far as I’m concerned this is working better than all the face primer’s I’ve ever used before from brands like Smashbox and Benefit which left my skin looking incredibly oily.

The balm comes out of the bottle as a very thin liquid but as you work it into the skin it becomes thicker and harder to push into the skin and that’s when you know you can stop rubbing it in! It smells basically like men’s deodorant (all men’s body products seem to smell the same) but that smell doesn’t last. It seems to only smell that way as you’re applying and once it’s all rubbed in there’s no scent so don’t worry about there being a distracting men’s smell on your face which may ruin your Tinder date.

I do recommend you try this After Shave Balm out because so far it’s worked so well for me! Plus it is incredibly affordable and miles cheaper than other make-up primers!
What do you think of the balm? Are you going to try it out?