Triangl Luna Bikini

Any beach and sun lovers know that finding a great bikini brand who keeps impressing you with their designs and materials is difficult. I very rarely stick to wearing bikini’s from one brand the only exception to this is Triangl and perhaps Hollister, although their shelf life is shorter.

Triangl has become a household name for blogger’s who travel and Instagrammer’s who are avid beach go’ers. I absolutely love their use of neoprene and bright colours which keeps their bikini’s sturdy (practical) and also bright (very cute). I own the Ollie bikini in the colours Tilly Sunburst and since it arrived in summer I’ve taken it on every vacation I’ve been on. It hasn’t lost its shape or colour and still looks very flattering.
The newest addition to my (hopefully) ever growing Triangl collection is this piece from the Luna range. The colour is ‘Grape Escape’ I love the combination of aqua blue and purple. I wanted something different from the orange of the Tilly Sunburst and this is definitely a contrasting look. The thing that drew me to the Luna collection over all of the others was the addition of the white, almost mesh-like, material. 
I think the contrast between the colour blocks looks fantastic and is really eye catching. The holes in the material definitely aren’t big enough for any nip-slippage so don’t worry about that! However, it does add a bit of cheeky breathability as neoprene is a thick material (commonly known as ‘wetsuit material’). If you’re a surfer, beach yogi or just general bikini lover I highly recommend Triangl as this will not come off your body whilst you are doing water sports – I tried and tested it with jet skiing and water skiing (I got you).
Also, can we talk about how cute the bag is that holds your bikini? I don’t know why more companies don’t do this but it’s so useful to have a bag for your wet bikini so you can change into dry undies and clothes before you get back in your car and home from the beach. Genius. It also looks super cute and the fact that it matches what is inside makes me squeal.
I love Triangl and can’t wait to add more to my collection!