Visiting St. Thomas, Caribbean

Hello all! If you’ve seen a couple of my previous posts you may know that I’ve been travelling recently. My favourite place I visited over Winter break was most definitely St. Thomas’s and St. Johns which are US Virgin Islands, here’s a look why!

The first thing I noticed from the ship were the jet skiiers who looked like they were having so much fun cruising along the crystal clear, still Caribbean waters! The land was slightly raised and a couple of hotels overlooked the ocean which seemed like an absolute dream location to spend a week on vacation. I think if I go back (which I hope to) I’ll have to make sure I stay in one of those hotels.

There were so many yachts and catamaran’s out that day and my family & I were lucky enough to get spots on a catamaran trip that was headed out to St. Johns for some snorkelling and relaxation by the beach. The catamaran took us out early afternoon and we were back by the time the sun set.

When we went snorkelling I was so happy to see some turtles and stingray in their natural habitat. One cheeky fish had somehow hitched a ride on top of the sting ray’s back without him noticing! The snorkeller’s also got to see some coral, the colours of the coral and the fish were amazing and I’ll be posting some Go Pro footage to my Instagram of all that we saw beneath the ocean @abigail.alicex

Honeymoon Beach which is where all my beachy pictures in this post are from was so stunning! White sand, and clear blue waters. The food on the beach grill was amazing too which I often don’t say too much in remote vacation areas as I’m a vegetarian and it can be quite difficult to find good food that isn’t boring but I loved it! My family and I played some beach volleyball and also hung out at the floating bar in the ocean.

It was a perfect day and I dream of coming back to spend more relaxing time at the US Virgin Islands!