A Change in Direction

Hey everybody. So I haven’t been paying too much attention to my blog of late or anyone else’s for that matter. The reason isn’t because I don’t like blogs or blogging any more but because, to put it bluntly, I really don’t care about the stuff I’ve been posting. So I decided it’s time for a change. I let my January scheduled posts roll through without changing them but now I’m starting anew.

This post is going to be very honest and straight to the point: I decided that I really don’t give a shit about the latest concealer stick I’m putting on my face in comparison to a host of other things that I’m interested in. I really love travelling, reading, writing stories, skiing, talking about relationships, giving advice etc. I do love experimenting with make-up and I always will but I’m finding writing up a whole product review on one single beauty item really really boring. It’s gotten to the point where what I’m writing and what I’m reading each week is precisely the same

 “The pigmentation is really good… I think the packaging could be better… All in all I really recommend this product.”

I feel like I hear this every time I read a product review. The same formula of review, the same types of products just different brands and different release dates. Whilst learning about what’s on the market is fun after about 5/6 years of wearing make-up you get sick of it and I’m truly sick of writing such unoriginal, mechanical posts all the time. I’ve also fallen out of love with commenting on blogs because I see on my own blog what I post on others “Love the sound of this product I must try it out!”  and then you move on… I still really enjoy some beauty posts, for example; a blogger that does some bomb make-up look – I really want to know how you did it. But 90% of the stuff I write and read feels regurgitated. I feel like I’m seeing posts through rose tinted glasses, a lot of it all feels fake.
So I suppose you could say I’ve fallen out with a lot of aspects about beauty blogging in particular. I still love watching beauty YouTube views because I find people still bring their personality into the video and give it their own spin but people do this a lot less with blog posts because a lot less time is needed to create them.
I also decided when reading the same old posts that in the grand scheme of things I don’t really care about the concealer I put on my face – so why should you? The reason is you totally shouldn’t, I don’t find this kind of content interesting or refreshing any more. I don’t see why anyone would click on my blog in particular to view it. I don’t find make-up integral to my being. I could stop wearing make-up now and I’d still be happy (I didn’t wear it for four months last year and it had absolutely no effect on my life which I was rather surprised at). But there are a lot of things in my life that if I gave up I would truly suffer. The one which stands out most to me is travelling. I really do love being in new places.
A lot of my latest posts have been travel related so I’m going to be posting more travel specific content. Especially whilst I’m still here in L.A. I would rather spend $3 on a bus ticket to a new part of town than $38 on a highlighter (I already have 2 highlighters so I’m pretty set until I hit pan). Plus I feel like travel content brings something more original to the scene. No one experiences the same city in precisely the same way. But you may experience the same eyeshadow in the same way. Basically, how do you compare learning about the world and seeing different cultures to reading a product review? I know which one I value more.
My blog content is going to change but it’s not going to be anything completely unique and fantastically out of the ordinary – it is still content you may be interested in. You may see reviews of the best student places to eat in L.A, a weekend trip I took to Joshua Tree/Disney Land, the best food stalls on Santa Monica pier, my favourite things about Paris etc. This is still content I would post on this blog as it stands now but I’d post it once every month whereas now I’m hoping for at least once/twice a week. As I get more interested in photography I realise how unchallenging and mundane taking a flat-lay photo of a bunch of products is. I don’t want these photos on my instagram because these products aren’t personal to me. They’re just things – I probably won’t use all of the product anyway. I want my blog and social media to reflect me; not the things I own but the things I do.

I’m also not saying I’ll never post beauty again. If I have an idea that I think is interesting and worth writing about then I’ll write it for my readers. But it’s going to be a rare occasion and I hope that’s OK.
I sincerely hope no one has been offended by my words. If you are a beauty blog and you love it then you do you. But beauty blogging really isn’t me anymore. I may relapse and fall in love with it again. I may never return to it. Please don’t blame me for how I feel about my content or what I read. If I could be in love with everything I post I would gladly choose that option but it doesn’t work that way.
I hope you choose to stick around to see more posts from me. I hope they impress you more than anything else I’ve ever written because I’m going to be investing more time into them because I’m passionate about travel and the activities I do. But I’m no longer passionate about the beauty products I own. I’m going to be making sure that this is content that I would click on if I stumbled across the post title.
Let me know what you’d like to see travel wise. I currently live in L.A but anywhere in California is game. I’m down to drive. If you’d love to see places to eat, things to do, or just some photos of specific areas and my thoughts on my time there. Or even if you’d like to know more about American college or UCLA in particular – just leave a comment and I’ll get on it.
Much love, as always.