Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien on Melrose Ave, L.A

Le Pain Quotidien has fast become one of my favourite places to eat around Los Angeles with several locations dotted around the city. The name literally means The Daily Bread because the bread they use is made fresh (duh!). They use organic ingredients to make beautifully tasting food that is very affordable and healthy.

I’ve managed to visit four Le Pain locations around Los Angeles: Santa Monica, Westwood (small one, Westwood (new renovated one) and Melrose. The food and drink has consistently impressed me and the ambiance and interior decor of each of the restaurants is very cosy and welcoming.

I always order a latte, a tartine and the Avocado mash when I visit Le Pain – I’m one of those people that when they find something they really love on a menu they stick with it! The latte’s are huge and come in a bowl style cup which warms your hands up really well. The coffee tastes lovely but is a little bitter for me so I always add half a sachet of brown sugar which makes it perfect. I have worked as a barista for several years throughout University and can safely say that I know my coffee and love Le Pain’s!

I very rarely eat breakfast because I find I’m never hungry when I first wake up so I’m definitely more of a brunch or lunch girl. By the time I hit 11am/12pm I am ready for something that will make me last until dinner so I ordered a tartine from Le Pain on this particular Saturday. Tartine’s are Belgian style open sandwiches and come with a range of different toppings. The bead is baked fresh and is wonderfully soft and full of flavour. You can definitely taste the sea salt baked in! I chose the homemade hummus and artichoke tartine which I’ve had before and is full of flavour. The hummus moistens the bread and the artichoke adds flavour. The cucumber, parsnip and seasoning adds a really nice touch to the sandwich too. Since moving to California I’ve obviously been eating a lot of kale and avocado – Californians absolutely love that stuff! I love the avocado mash from Le Pain, it comes with some bread on the side so you can dip into it. I knew we had a long day ahead of us wandering around the museums and wouldn’t be eating until late so I stocked up on food!

Altogether I believe I paid around $25 for my whole meal including tip which I thought was amazing for the quality of the food and how well presented it was. I would highly recommend dropping into Le Pain for brunch with your friends before heading out for the day or even just for a quick coffee and pastry on the go. But if you do that you’ll be missing out on the cosy, relaxed atmosphere that comes with sitting inside. Not to mention the Melrose location has a wonderful wrap around balcony so you can sit outside. I’ll be coming back when it heats up and enjoying brunch in the sun!