Droning & Skateboarding around UCLA

Hey guys! SO exciting news, a couple of weekends ago I treated myself to a drone. It has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted one ever since my friend Sam and I shot for a ‘Welcome to UCLA’ video back in October. I also watch a lot of vloggers on Youtube that use drones frequently, for example; Mr Ben Brown. I’ve been working 20 hours a week for a few months in order to save up for one and have a little extra money on the side so I could justify spending on it.

So I met back up with my friend Sam who was more than happy to give me a little crash course on how to use the drone. It was so much fun to learn how to fly it! My friend Cole is a huge film and photography fan too, he’s also an awesome skateboarder and had been asking me to film him using the drone ever since I first bought it. Yesterday we took the drone out for a spin around UCLA. I showed Cole how to use it and then we headed down to this very bumpy hill for him to skateboard and me to drone down. I compiled the footage into a very short vlog and I hope you enjoy what you see!

Let me know what you think about drones down in the comments! If you have any cool ideas of videos that I can shoot around UCLA or the greater Los Angeles area then let me know and I’ll get right on it.

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