I Forgot About Walt Disney World!

I really don’t know how the hell this happened. But I forgot to post about my time in Disney over Christmas break… I think it’s because I also wanted to post about the Caribbean (which I did!) in four other posts and I was so focused on that content. Anyway… my shame aside. Here’s an inside look at my time at Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida.

I love so many different things about the theme parks that are all a part of Walt Disney World. I think my favourite to walk around is Magic Kingdom because there is so much to see on Main Street. I always take a little look around the shops because surprisingly each one has different things in (there is some overlap of course!) The bakeries are absolutely amazing as well and I love getting myself Mickey shaped treats to enjoy throughout the day. The parades both at night and during the day are not to be missed either.

Rides to check out at Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain, Lilo & Stitch Ride – it makes me laugh SO much, Splash Mountain.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Hollywood Studio’s, formerly known as MGM studios, because it’s rides are more suited to a teenage/young adult audience as opposed to Magic Kingdom which is aimed at kids. There isn’t that much to look at in comparison to Magic Kingdom but there are stunt shows and bigger roller coaster’s to enjoy. And, of course, shops!

Rides to check out at Hollywood Studio’s: Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Hollywood Tower of Terror, Star Wars.

Another park we visited was Animal Kingdom. The main tree (pictured above) is really so amazing and intricate that really only a place like Disney could produce it. I had the best time on the safari looking at the animals, although I do feel guilty that the animals are in there, at least it isn’t caged like a zoo and the animals are able to walk about freely in more open space. Whenever I have been on this safari at the park before the Lion’s had been sleeping but they were all awake and look at this beauty on his rock! Totally Simba! One of my favourite Disney rides of all time is at Animal Kingdom it’s called Mt. Everest and it’s so good! It’s also a fairly new addition and goes backwards!

Rides to check out at Animal Kingdom: Mt. Everest, Safari, Kali River Rapids.

I hope you enjoy these photos of my two days in Walt Disney World. I was so busy I forgot to post about it and already thought I had posted on it – does that make sense!? I’ve been to Disney before and I’m sure I’ll go again it’s such a great place to spend a few days in Orlando.