Lunch at Simple Things, Westwood

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great day! On President’s Day (Feb 15th) we all got the day off of college so I decided to head down to my local village called Westwood to discover some place new to eat. There are so many options to choose from in Westwood but I had been thinking about heading to this little placed called Simple Things because I had noticed it when I dropped by Pressed Juicery.

“we are simplethings. fresh pies baked everyday. meats roasted in house. sauces made from scratch. real ingredients used by real people. honor in service. pride in our community. life is short. enjoy the simplethings.”

There are several locations of Simple Things around L.A: w.3rd street, burbank, santa monica & westwood village. The location in Westwood is to teeny I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t stop by Pressed Juicery so frequently. I absolutely love the red brick building its in it’s so pretty! The café is very small in side with only space for (I think) four sets of tables for two, however, they do have a lot of outdoor seating where you can enjoy your food and the sunshine.

I decided to sit inside because the L.A heat had be sweating! The interior is really cosy, clean and inviting. The tables have a brown paper layer on them and they provide crayons so you can have a little artistic license whilst you wait for your food which I thought was a cute touch to the place.

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I decided to order the Sweet Potato Sandwich which is a vegetarian option on the menu. The sandwich had grilled sweet potato, apples, jammy onions, chevre spread, avocado, cumin coleslaw and was served on a really delicious and fresh pretzel roll. When I used to order food I used to ask my server to take whatever ingredients I didn’t recognise off of whatever I was eating but now I’ve come to realise that the chef’s definitely know better than I do and the ingredients works better as a whole than picked apart. So I didn’t ask them to hold the chevre spread/ cumin coleslaw or jammy onions all of which I was a little uncertain would work on a sandwich. But it was absolutely delicious! Definitely one of thes most flavourful sandwiches I’ve ever had.

The iced coffee I ordered was by Stumptown which is a coffee company based in L.A. I’ve had a few people recommend heading over to Stumptown before but I haven’t been in that area of L.A yet. This was my first encounter with Stumptown’s coffee and it was really tasty. I love anything that comes in a mason jar too and that was what Simple Things served it in. There were a lot of pastries/cakes that Simple Things were serving too that looked delicious but the coffee and sandwich was enough for me! They rotate their pie flavours so you have to make sure to come back on the day they are serving your favourite one so you don’t miss out.

The atmosphere in Simple Things was very relaxing. I kicked back for a good hour or so and did some reading for one of my classes and I didn’t feel like the staff were rushing me to leave. I will definitely be coming back here and bringing a friend for lunch.

I paid $14.50 minus tax for my sandwich + coffee which I didn’t think was too bad (the iced coffee from stumptown is a little more expensive than Starbucks prices) I would love if Simplethings did a Bruin discount which I think would encourage more students to go or if they did a loyalty card where you get a stamp for every coffee you buy and your 6th one is free or something.

What do you think of simplethings from my photos? Would you ever try a sandwich that combined both apple and cumin? It worked so well!