The Foundation Edit

There are three foundations that I reach for at the moment. All of them are pretty different in their texture and how they look and feel on the face but I like them a lot for different reasons. I don’t own much other make-up from any of these three brands but I’m definitely interested in checking out a range of their different products and comparing how much I like them to the foundation.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation $48
This foundation is super lightweight with buildable coverage which, living in L.A but having blemishes, is all I want from a foundation. I hate having foundation that I can really feel sitting on top of my face but this is definitely not one of them. The foundation is also oil free so it won’t aggravate your skin in any way. The formula is very liquid-y so you have to be careful when you get the foundation out of the bottle but it works like a dream. It makes my skin look really good even when I’m having a blemish crises. The only thing I don’t like about this foundation is how you get it out of the bottle, there’s no pump so you either have to use one from another foundation bottle that fits or buy one from ebay or something.
L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte $11.99
OK, so this product has a lot of hype surrounding it but I’m here to clear things up. For the money this foundation is pretty great but it is not perfect and it certainly is not completely matte. On the back of the foundation it actually tells you that the finish is ‘demi-matte’ whatever that means. But on the front it says it’s Infallible Matte – choose one L’Oreal! For me this foundation is not matte but it isn’t oily and does not make me greasy either. The foundation is thicker than the NARS one so it isn’t a water like consistency it’s just normal for a foundation. It goes on really smoothly and gives me a almost matte look but still a tad bit dewy. For the money I think it’s a great foundation.
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation $35
I think Charlotte Tilbury is massively over-hyped and I think most people really need to settle down about her products (don’t kill me please, thanks!) I do like her Magic Foundation, but it isn’t an everyday foundation for me. It’s an ‘I’m having a bit of a dry skin day because I went to the beach yesterday’ foundation – it’s formula is very thick and almost like the texture of butter cream which instantly makes me a little worried. But it sits very nicely on the skin and makes my skin look very even. I’m going to start using this a lot more often to give my skin some hydration by mixing it in with my daily SPF moisturiser. I think CT products are over hyped because of their packaging – that isn’t to say her products aren’t good but I think a lot of women are enticed by the rose gold. If you have normal or slightly dry skin I imagine this will suit you perfectly!
What foundation shall I try out next? I’m hoping for a new amazing drugstore find if you have any recommendations?