The Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Last weekend some of my friends and I took a trip up to the Getty Museum which stands elevated up on a hill that looks over the L.A area. The views from the Getty are absolutely amazing and the artwork was beautiful. Luckily we went on a sunny day too so could spend some time outside!

One of my favourite things about the Getty Center was definitely the gardens with sculptures dotted around. The gardens were such a beautiful place to stroll round and also grab a bite to eat and sit outside. Everything was so perfectly manicured and pretty. The Getty differs in this way to museums around London and Manchester that I’ve visited before where everything is contained indoors. But I guess that’s the difference in weather between home and L.A!

I’m definitely into Renaissance paintings the most but The Getty had on some really interesting photography exhibitions which were unique and refreshing. Ishiuchi Miyako had a collection of pieces that displayed her life in postwar Japan and displayed the effects of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A lot of her photographs were of clothing that had survived the nuclear bombings which was pretty amazing and powerful. Her work had a real melancholy touch to it that displayed how devastating the effects of war were on her life growing up. She also had a really interesting collection of photography of scars which gathered a lot of viewers.

My friend Val absolutely loved the exhibition the Getty had on of the tapestries of Louis XIV. They were so huge and detailed it made absolutely everything I’ve ever done in my life feel insignificant by comparison. Why can’t I weave a tapestry or paint a Mona Lisa!?

If you’re ever in L.A I really do recommend taking a trip to The Getty when it isn’t cloudy out. The view of the sunset itself is amazing!