The House of Meatballs, Westwood L.A

I’m a vegetarian but the House of Meatballs caters to both Vegans and Vegetarians which I was so happy to hear about because I had driven past the restaurant a few times and thought it looked super nice so really wanted to give it a try. Luckily, it really is not hard to find great tasting vegetarian food in L.A because the city in general is so health conscious. I can honestly say this meal is as great tasting as meat, take a look!

Doesn’t the food look amazing? Please tell me you agree!

First things first, how cute are little A Board Blackboard signs, I take so many pictures of the funny ones that restaurants and cafe’s have outside their stores. I think they’re really inviting and I wouldn’t have known that the restaurant is vegan and vegetarian friendly if I didn’t take a quick look. I also love how cool the Menu’s are here, you have little checkboxes and you can build your own meatball dish by choosing your balls (yes, it says that), pasta type, sauce and any other additions.

I always go for cheesy garlic bread at Italian joints for starters. The tomato sauce is SO fresh I even let my friend Taylor taste it and I don’t share food lightly! I went for the Popeye meatball which is a combination of spinach, tofu and almond – they were so full of flavour and definitely big enough for a main meal! I went with a fettuccini pasta because I’m not so overly keen on how skinny spaghetti is but I feel like meatballs have to go with a stringy pasta rather than penne or shell. I got a vanilla cream soda with my meal which was so sweet and yummy – I need to buy some for myself to have to power me through late night study sessions.

The House of Meatballs is a fair sized restaurant with a very cosy, family-run feel. The food was great and I only paid $20 for my full meal (which is around £13 for all my UK readers). I would definitely go back here – it’s a great place for a date so who knows!?

Let me know what restaurant you’ve been loving lately! Do you eat vegetarian or have other dietary concerns?