Building my own Morphe Palette!

Aren’t these colours just absolutely amazing? I’m obsessed! I have never ordered from Morphe before but after watching Manny MUA’s videos one night I decided to check them out and maybe purchase something. I almost bought a pre-made palette namely the 35 Plum colour but a lot of the purples were very dark and I wanted a mix of pinks and nude colours too so I decided to get started on making my own!

Morphe’s shadows are pretty affordable. There’s the standard eyeshadow pans which cost $2.29 and the premium shadows that cost $5.99. If you create a palette full of premium shadows then the cost soon adds up but if you use a mix of standard and premium it works out fairly decently. Of course an entire palette made out of standard morphs eyeshadows would be really affordable.

I decided to start building a 28 pan palette. You can buy empty 28 pan palettes from Morphe for just $9.99 so I purchased one of those along with these pans. I bought 14 shadows and hope to buy another 14 when I get paid in a couple of weeks.  I’m super impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows and because the colours I bought are kind of similar it makes them super easy to blend in together. I would definitely recommend using Fix+ with the shadows to make them more pigmented because some of them are difficult to get out of the pan.

Other than that I’m so happy with the quality, colour range and price of these Morphe shadows. I used the code MANNYMUA to get a discount on these shadows so you can use the code too to save 10%!

(Shadows according to first photo) Top Row L-R:  Perfection, Buckle Up, Sweet Escape, Royalty Love Me. Middle Row L-R: Flipside, Peekaboo, Weekend, Private Agent. Bottom Row L-R: Pik Moscato, Drive In, Celebration, Marry Her, Infinity and Beyond.

To say I’m obsessed with these is an understatement, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Morphe 350 palette. I’m so excited for it to get restocked. What are your favourite Morphe products?

  • Jennifer

    Would you mind sharing which of these were the more difficult ones to work with, or as you said, more difficult to get out of the pan? Thanks!

  • Andreea Cristi

    The colour palette is amazing