Flowerboy Café, Venice Beach

Let me introduce you to one of the cutest café’s I’ve ever been to! It’s called Flowerboy and is located near Venice Beach in California. It’s a combination of a flower and coffee shop and the aesthetic is completely on point – you’ll be powerless to resist Instagramming it!

There are so many amazing coffee chops in Venice Beach and their interior design is always on point. So it takes a lot for cafe’s to stand out but FlowerBoy in L.A really did for me. It was definitely the display of flowers and random items on the wall that are stacked onto of wood balanced on step-ladders! As soon as you enter the coffee shop there are buckets full of fresh and dried flowers for you to pick up as well as your coffee.
There are some interesting coffee choices that you can opt for such as Lavender boy (a latte with a hint of lavender) and Rose Girl which is the same but with Rose! The coffee was super delicious and the lavender flavouring was very subtle but unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. My friends and I got a donut each too and they were so yummy!
The walls are full of items you can pick up from the store varying from postcards, to bed lamps, to tote bags. The display looks amazing and I love looking at all of the different tidbits that are up for sale – it’s kind of similar to Urban Outfitters with the bits you can pick up, however, the finds really are so rare. When I have a bit more money I would love to come back to Flowerboy and pick myself up a Flowerboy T-Shirt.
How do you like the look of this cafe? What cool cafe’s can you recommend to me?