Meeting Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher at The Brothers Grimsby Premiere

Hey guys! So yesterday I got to do something a little special which always makes me super happy because these kind of opportunities really only arise because of living in L.A: I got to go to a movie premiere! 

I went to the premiere of a new film starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Short and Isla Fisher called The Grimsby Brothers. The Fox Theatre in Westwood is well known for hosting movie premieres and I’ve wanted to go to one ever since arriving at college so I was really excited to get free tickets through UCLA’s CEC program to attend.

For the premiere the students were given outfit choices of Sacha’s best characters to dress up in so when the red carpet was filmed they’d have something to giggle at. I chose the Ali G get up but there were plenty of Borat’s and Dictator’s! It was so odd going to a premiere down a street I walk down every few days it felt like a totally surreal experience seeing it closed off and all set up for the movie.

The Grimsby Brothers is a movie about two brothers who have been separated for a long time. Nobby finds his long lost brother who turns out to be an MI6 agent who needs help busting a plot. Nobby helps him out etc. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. If you’re a big fan of Sacha then I’m sure you’ll love this film.

One of the highlights of the night was managing to get a picture with Sacha and his wife Isla Fisher who you may know from The Great Gatsby – she starred as Myrtle Wilson who is Tom Buchanan’s mistress. Cohen was in characters carrying around a pint of beer and a gun – it was pretty funny.

I hope to attend some more premiere’s in the future, this was a really great experience! I’m going to be posting a blog about the whole day tomorrow so make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to take a peek at the event!