My Favourite Fragrances

There are some perfumes that have become staples in my life. These are the ones I constantly reach for and are always adding to my birthday and christmas wishlist so I am never without them. I very rarely buy perfume for myself, it’s just one of those things I’m always gifted and perfume lasts for such a long time that birthdays and christmases are the perfect time to restock. These are my favourites and reasons why you should check them out!

My newest perfume is the Christmas edition of the My Burberry fragrance. I’ve wanted this every since my mom bought the original one because it smells amazing! It’s a musky scent that is not too overly feminine and completely reminds me of Chanel No.5 in that it is its own unique scent. The glitter in the bottle was a limited edition Christmas version of the scent and it looks so pretty on my shelf!  I’d highly recommend this if you’re after a new scent that is sophisticated.
Chloe perfume is so popular among beauty bloggers. It’s light and feminine and completely lovely. Not to mention the packaging is an absolute delight. I wear this scent so much that on the way to class outside my roommate knew I was approaching her because she could smell Chloe perfume haha. It’s become my go-to everyday scent because it is a lot lighter than the Burberry fragrance.
Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce reminds me of very handsome men. It reminds me of Abercrombie because every store in the world absolutely reeks of it. Yet I still cannot get enough of this scent. It’s an athletic, manly smell yet there’s something really sexy and musky about it that appeals to me. I know a lot of women that wear it and when I first picked it up in the store a few years ago a lot of the girls in store were obsessed with it and wore it daily. I highly recommend this if you love smelling similar to your boyfriend.
What are your favourite perfumes? Would you try any of these 3?