Quirky Magazines & Zine’s

One of my main passions in life is definitely reading and writing. I love finding new books and magazines to read and I’ve recently been purchasing a lot of ones that I’ve never come across before. I’ve also picked up a few Zine’s from various websites that I think are so unique and interesting I just had to share them here!


I picked up the Mental Health Cookbook online and I’m really enjoying reading it on and off. It’s full of cute little black and white illustrations too. It teaches you all about organic, self-grown food and how they can benefit your health. The writer teaches you how to grow and cultivate certain foods of your own, even using mason jars that you can store on your work desk. I’m definitely going to be trying some of these food experiments out soon because they seem like so much fun! Boat Magazine is a magazine that basically sums up everything I want to work for in a career. It’s a travel magazine that focuses on a certain city in the world per edition – the one pictured is focused on Tel Aviv. The photography in the magazine is just stunning and the words are so eloquent.


The Collective Quarterly is another travel magazine this edition takes a look at locations around California such as Ojai and Santa Barbara. It’s much thicker than Boat Magazine and the photography is equally as beautiful. I would say that the articles are written much more poetically than in Boat magazine – it’s a really great read. The final one I picked up was free from Urban Outfitters. It’s a little less -serious- than the other magazines but its layout, photography and articles are great. I love how it includes recommendations for places to eat in L.A too – so useful!


Are there any magazines that you love that aren’t the standard Vogue, Elle etc…? Let me know!