Sampling New Mascaras!

So a few short months ago I did a giveaway on a Sephora Lash Stash package that contained a lot of mascaras. I had a box for myself too so got the sample all the different mascaras too. The ones in all of the photos are my favourites – there were a few more in the box that didn’t make the cut. But I would definitely buy the full size versions of any of these!

OK so one of these in here is a bit of a cheat because I own the full size version of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. However, the first time I ever tried this mascara was a little sample tube that was exactly the same as the one pictured above and I fell in love with it so ended up repurchasing. Too Faced really elongates your lashes so much so that mine touch my eyebrows when I use this which is crazy! My second favourite is the Buxom mascara, as you can tell from the photos the wand is very similar to that of the Too Faced wand but is made from plastic rather then bristles this means it’s less clumpy but doesn’t lengthen my lashes as much. I don’t own any products from Buxom aside from this so if you know the brand please recommend me some!

The YSL mascara is lovely but is completely the opposite of a mascara I would buy. Firstly, it doesn’t lengthen your lashes by that much – the effect is very natural kind of like the mascara Kendall Jenner always uses. With that being said it makes my eyes look very soft and romantic looking. I want to try the full version of this and see if it can sway me from my usually dramatic lashes. A similar mascara is Roller Lash from Benefit, this doesn’t elongate your lashes very well. But it makes your eyes look more open and gives you a very natural effect. With that said this is the one out of all of these I wouldn’t repurchase as I find the wand too stiff.

One of the things I love about the Marc Jacobs mascara is how densely packed the bristles on the wand is. It feels a lot more sturdy than any other mascara wand I’ve ever tried and it gets all of your lashes covered. This does elongate your lashes well and I like the formula a lot! Finally is the Nars wand which is the opposite of the Marc Jacobs one because the bristles on this wand are so spread out which I find really odd. However, the bristles are all different length so they get the small and long lashes. It doesn’t work very well on the bottom lashes but I like how big the wand is for top lashes and I’m intrigued to see how well this works full size.

What do you think of these mascaras? Do you own the full size version of any of these? Any recommendations?

  • Bri

    I own Roller lash and I love it. I found the wand on Too Faced’s BTS bigger than my eyeball almost so that didn’t work out great for me.