Skincare at its Best!

I’ve struggled with finding a skincare routine that suits me really well for a long time. But recently I’ve been so happy with the products that I’ve been using. They make my skin look and feel very hydrated and full of life and they don’t cause any bad breakouts. Here’s some of my skincare favourites…

I start by scrubbing my face with a very gentle face scrub from Frank Body. It smells divine – like a very creamy cappuccino for the face. The coffee grounds are very find so they work to get rid of dead skin cells without causing any big irritation which is great. I usually then pop on my moisturiser from Sun Bum which is a really great sun care brand that I’ve been using for years, it’s oil free and paragon free (and a few other things free) so it’s very mild but acts as a great sun block and moisturiser. It works very well underneath make-up too because it adds no oil it is pretty mattifying so will help keep your make-up in place. Because I live in L.A daily sun cream for my face is absolutely necessary, however, you should be using SPF on your face everyday even if you live back where I’m from in England. Luckily Sun Bum is so good I’d happily use it as a regular moisturiser and will definitely be bringing this back home! The last thing I use on a daily basis would be Frank’s Lip Scrub it’s the most yummy coffee/sugar scrub for your lips. It’s very gentle, hydrating and soft – a lot like the facial scrub!

After a long night if my skin is looking and feeling particularly drab I’ll pop on a layer of Dr. Brandt’s Oxygen Facial Mask to give it a bit of life. The mask is so great at making my skin hydrated and looking plump. It also makes it really soft which is great for under make-up. I use this in the mornings when my skin is looking lifeless, I’ll add a layer and brush my teeth for 3-5 minutes whilst the mask does the work. The sensation of the mask is so unique! It feels like bubbles popping on your skin. It doesn’t take long for the mask to work so is a really great quick skin fix. I’m also in love with Dr. Jart products at the moment (what is it with brands named ‘Dr’ that make me love them?!) The Dr Jart Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay in Pink is so fab I can’t underestimate it! I used this in the shower after cleansing and popped it onto dry skin once it set after 5 minutes I wet my hands and rinsed it off. It turned into a wonderful, soft pink foam that felt so nourishing on my skin. Afterwards my skin felt clean, soft and hydrated. I’ll definitely be repurchasing! This is also my third time using Dr. Jart’s Water Replenishing Mask which is incredible. I leave mine in the fridge so it’s nice and cool when I apply it. The sheet mask is soaked in a serum that your skin will absorb leaving it super hydrated, glowing and full of life. I highly recommend these masks!

What do you think about these products? Are you going to be trying any? Have any skin care products for me to recommend?