The Best Terracotta Nude Liquid Lipsticks

We all know that colour. The kind of dusty pink with a little bit of brown mixed in, or an amplified nude, or a terracotta pink or a brown that had a baby with fuchsia. You get the picture. The colour that has been in for a while now and shows no signs of going out of style (note Kylie Jenner’s new Posie K colour is to die for). Liquid lipsticks are my favourite make-up product and this colour is definitely my most worn. Here’s some of the best…

All of these are so beautiful I swoon. First of all I always prep my lips by scrubbing and adding a little lip balm. My personal favourites are from Frank Body which you can read about in more detail here. I wanna start with the best which is a brand called Coloured Raine which I believe you can only get online. Their colours on the swatch cards are Fame and Mars. Mars is the most perfect take on this terracotta colour. There are hints of pink, strong notes of brown nudes and together it looks amazing. The formula glides on very easily and takes around ten seconds to dry completely. The CR liquid lipsticks won’t come off when you’re drinking and are really long lasting. Fame is a brown with hints of a reddish pink and then a burst of gold glitter – I love wearing this as an alternative to Mars when I’m going on a night out. It looks very glam and striking.

A brand that I love is Anastasia Beverly Hills she has overtaken MAC in my make-up drawers which is saying something! I own four of her liquid lipsticks but Pure Hollywood is the one that fits in best which this terracotta trend. Pure Hollywood is a lot more on the pink than brown side especially when you compare it to Mars by CR. If you’re into more feminine looking lipsticks rather than ones that border on brown then Pure Hollywood is for you! You can check out more colours from my ABH Liquid Lippie collection by clicking here1

Beauty Bakerie is a new liquid lipstick brand I found through Instagram. These liquid lipsticks will NOT come off. They won’t come off when you drink, eat, kiss, or anything even more rude than that – ey ๐Ÿ˜‰ These liquid lipsticks definitely give you longevity for your money. The colour Versailles is gorgeous. It’s a dusty pink with hints of brown and purple. It goes on very well and dries super quick and then you’re good until you scrub it off (I’d recommend using an exfoliator it really is that stubborn!) I can’t wait to order some more from Beauty Bakerie they definitely deserve more recognition.

What liquid lipsticks would you recommend I try? Leave one in the comments below! You can read about my favourite liquid lipsticks here by watching my in depth youtube tutorial – enjoy!