A Visit to The Exclusive Broad Museum in Los Angeles

Everyone in Los Angeles knows of Eli and Edith Broad. They’re one of the richest families in the whole of the United States with a particular taste for philanthropy and collecting art. They have so much art that they donated over 2,000 pieces to be presented in The Broad Museum in Downtown L.A

The building itself is known by anyone who lives in Los Angeles because it is a work of art in itself. It contains over 2,000 pieces of art donated by the Broad family. I cannot underestimate how high in demand tickets are to the Broad museum. I had to book in January for a date on the 9th April which is SO far in advance. When we arrived there was a huge line that wrapped all the way around the building for those to wait who didn’t have tickets. The wait time for those at the back of the line was over three hours! So I was very happy that I had tickets!
The museum’s art begins in the 1960’s and follows the contemporary art movement. The most famous pieces are most likely the Andy Warhol and Lichenstein. Although my favourite is the Chuck Close photorealist painting that is the face of this blog post – I was absolutely blown away by it. The museum had some interactive elements. There was this room containing about 6 screens that were arranged at different angles and they displayed different people and sometimes a family in their homes singing the same song and playing musical instruments. It was one of the most beautiful and definitely the most unique installations I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s called The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson.
I had a really great time visiting the Broad museum and it was definitely worth booking tickets for! Let me know which artwork you like the most from my photos… or let me know what you think of the video down below of one of the installations!




* PLEASE take a look at this art installation at The Broad it’s amazing! Skip to 2mins in for my favourite part!*