Drugstore Buys

I absolutely love shopping for make-up at the drugstore, I actually think I prefer it to shopping at places like Selfridges or Sephora because there’s so much more choice and I can pink up 4/5 things without going over $25. Whereas in Sephora it’s more likely that one item costs $25+ I picked up a couple of things my mom recommended to me and some others too…

My mom recommended I buy myself some Johnson’s Baby Shampoo because its so gentle on the scalp and lately I haven’t been getting dandruff but like a bull up from my other products so this cleanses the hair without irritating the scalp or creating any build up. I really like the shampoo, the scent itself it amazing. Lately I’ve been shampooing my hair less and letting the natural oils sit for a day so I’m not stripping and therefore, drying out my hair. To spare greasy roots I picked up Baby Powder – this is a fantastic trick and a cheaper alternative (and kinder) to dry shampoo. You just pop some of the powder where your hair is greasy and run it through until it isn’t visible anymore – problem solved!

The world and its wife have been raving about the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, I held out for a little while but once my Too Faced Better Than Sex began to run a little dry I decided to see if the Maybelleine was worth the hype. The first thing I noticed was how much the wand looks like Benefit’s Roller Lash and I’m a big fan of Rollerlash! The photo above is of the Maybelline mascara – no eyelash curling, no added extras. I’m very impressed with it. It makes my lashes look super long and also separates them fairly well. The only difference between this and Too Faced is that too faced makes your lashes look thicker which I prefer. But it’s a great drugstore alternative to my favourite high end mascara.

My other four purchases were from Elf and totalled $10. Elf is a brand I discovered since moving to the USA and most of their products are under $3 which is amazing. I needed a new Concealer brush so I picked up this very small foundation brush that was only $3. It’s a great brush, very thick and does the job well. I wanted a finishing spray so picked up the $3 one from Elf and so far so good! The brush cleansing spray is an excellent buy and I think I’ll be repurchasing, you just spray the formula directly onto the brush and wipe your brush with a cloth. All of the make-up will come off, the formula is anti-bacterial so its great to use everyday in-between your brush washing. The fine product I picked up from Elf was the Brow Pencil which cost only $2! The amazing thing about this is that the end doubled up as a pencil sharpener – I’ve never seen any brand do this before and for only TWO DOLLARS. Like are you serious? I love Elf.

What do you think of these products? Are you in on the Maybelline hype? Do you fancy picking up things from Elf?